Referents in developing applications
for power generation

Our knowledge of the thermal energy sector is based on our 40-years’ experience, acquired since Sugimat creation back in 1978

Hundreds of plants all over the world and a global presence in the 5 continents show the SOLIDEZ of a Company based in three principles: Quality, Innovation and Commitment with the customer.


Installations distributed in 30 countries


Sugimat opinions

  • Nuestra experiencia de trabajo con SUGIMAT no ha sido más que positiva. Por ejemplo, colaboramos en un emocionante proyecto Energy-from-Waste (EfW) para el aeropuerto de Gatwick, cuando en 2016 se convirtió en el primer aeropuerto del mundo en generar energía in situ a partir de su aerolínea CAT 1 ICW y residuos aeroportuarios. A partir de esto, vimos cómo sus calderas de EfW avanzadas se alineaban con nuestra filosofía de utilizar los residuos orgánicos como un recurso valioso, ¡esto allanó el camino para nuestra asociación continua!

    Simon Webb
    Managing Director
    Tidy Planet Limited
  • Calidad y expertise son prioritarios para ERK y Sugimat cumple perfectamente con estos criterios. Además, durante toda la negociación ambos equipos de gestión han llegado a conocerse muy bien y han desarrollado una muy buena química y una muy buena relación laboral. Contar con las personas adecuadas en una empresa es clave para cooperar con éxito.

    Dr. Jürgen Peterseim
    Strategy & New Products Director
    ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH (ERK)
  • I would like to relay to all Sugimat staff my gratitude for the professionality and interest you have all shown to get our plant off the ground. We are very satisfied. You have solved issues arisen during the startup which were caused by third parties and you did it efficiently, expressly coming to the plant to meet our needs despite your workload. Since the very first moment you set foot in our plant, its quality increased significantly.

    Manolo Ramos Moreira
    Maderas Ramos Moreira
  • For all these years, Sugimat has become a partner for my company in respect of the use of thermal energy resources. We share our views on supplier-customer relationship, on product quality and on other services. Diam Corchos trusted Sugimat more than 20 years ago by purchasing a 1.5 Kcal/h thermal oil heater. Currently we have two other bigger installations. With their accumulated experience, Sugimat products have demonstrated an excellent quality and durability.

    José Nieto Hernández
    Production Manager
    Diam Corchos
  • My relationship with Sugimat began in the 80s and since then it has been very fluid. I cannot fault their work, as it has always complied with the deadlines. In addition, the attention received has always been very good. Regarding the quality of their products, there is no better explanation than buying the generators to them once and again!

    José Olmos

Our partners


In our commitment to partner with the best suppliers and offer a first-class service to our customers, we have signed a cooperation agreement with ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH (ERK), the German giant in boiler engineering and technology (corner tube boiler).

From now on, this German technology is put at the service of the R & D department of Sugimat and its team of engineers to manufacture steam and salt boilers with unconventional fuel.

Tidy Planet


We have joined with the best business partner in the UK. Tidy Planet is the leading company in offering sustainable solutions in the elimination of organic waste.

Our most recent collaboration has been the implementation of the Artificial Vision, a pioneer self-management system by Sugimat, which processes images in real time, which allows us to anticipate breakdowns. This one has installed, with great success, in the airport of Gatwick, in London.


Our clients

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