Stay chamber

This chamber is placed next to the combustion chamber, forming a unique unit. It is made of refractory brick and insulation. It has a vault to force the circulation of gases and facilitate the decantation of particles, as well as cleaning doors.

With this chamber a gases stay is obtained before they pass to the boiler to guarantee a low CO emission. The adiabatic chamber has a coupling for a possible gas or diesel burner to finish completely  the oxidation of the gases and CO reduction.

Heat recuperators heaters

The heat recovery systems we offer are designed to recover part of the residual heat of the combustion smokes, increasing the efficiency of the installation. The equipment allows the passage of a thermal fluid through the recuperator, which with hot gases raises the temperature of the air, thermal oil or water.

Steam producers

Steam producers allow to generate steam from thermal oil. To do this, the installation has a double entry: one to introduce water and another for thermal oil. This last fluid is responsible for raising the temperature of the water until it turns into steam after circulating inside a pack or tubular bundle. The tubular package consists of seamless drawn steel tubes U-shaped, cold formed and integral with a base plate.

The uses of these equipment are frequent in the agri-food, chemical, wood, tanned, canned and cork sectors among other applications.


  • These equipment are ideal for installations where simultaneous steam and thermal oil consumption exist.
  • It allows to centralize the production in a single thermal unit.


  • Up to 30 tones/hour steam.
  • Up to 25 bar of máximum working pressure.

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