Travelling grate

Traveling grates are designed for the use of granulated fuels, treated or not, of medium size. The biomass used for combustion can have a high ash content and a medium-low percentage of humidity.

This kind of equipment allow high power and count on automatic cleaning, that is the reason why they are apt for productive intensive activities that do not stop regularly.

Automatic cleaning
Productive intensity: high

Fuel types

Olive cake
Olive or Grape marc
Olive pits
Straw pellets
Coal pellets
Wood pellets


  • Automatic cleaning
  • High level of automation
  • Low emissions
  • Automatic fuel loading
  • High performance
  • Furnace with refrigerated walls for fuels with low melting temperature
  • Easy maintenance of the installation


  • Traveling cast iron grate
  • Electric drive
  • Adjustable grate movement speed
  • Automatic cleaning

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