Heaters software

Communication and control are crucial to obtain the maximum performance of the equipment in an increasingly interconnected world where Industry 4.0 and BIG DATA have more and more weight. We work with the latest technology to provide a personalized and quality service.


Monitoring of the plant

Sugimat puts at your disposal all the technology to satisfy your needs and those of your industrial plants.

With personalized remote supervision (PRS) we can perform, from our offices, the monitoring and follow up of the plant for immediate attention by our specialists.

SCADA System

Monitor, measure and correct

Our software is open and adaptable to the needs of our customers. With this type of solutions we guarantee absolute control of the production process and savings in maintenance costs.

Computer Vision

Self-management system for biomass furnaces

In order to optimize the combustion process of the boiler, we have incorporated the latest technology to our furnaces making it easier to monitor biomass furnaces and improving their response to varying changes in energy or fuel demand.

Artificial vision is a pioneering system of self-management by Sugimat, which processes the images in real time, allowing us to anticipate eventual faults.

It has been successfully implemented in Garnica Plywood plants in France and at Gatwick Airport (London) in the United Kingdom.

Advantages of the system

  • More efficient processes
  • Fuel adaptability
  • Less staff in shifts
  • Cost savings
  • Decrease in faults
  • Reduction of technical stops


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