Heaters hardware

In Sugimat we adapt to your needs. We know that your standardizations and your stocks are very important for the maintenance of your plant. We have a technical engineering department dedicated only to optimize the boilers operation. The I & C department is present throughout all the design process and during the entire life of the boiler. We offer custom made services adapting ourselves to the technological needs of each client.

PLC & HMI Programming

We are aware that cost control is a priority for the customer and, therefore, for us. In Sugimat we develop programming solutions for PLC and HMI devices, and customize them according to the needs of each client.

Our know-how of more than 40 years allows us to add all our knowledge to each project and make it unique to facilitate a better interaction. The goal is to be intuitive and agile, so our specialized staff will advise you on:

  • Use of graphics
  • Software surfing
  • Development of new features

We work with main brands

At Sugimat we believe that all our equipment must have the best interface for the process. That’s why we work with the leading brands in the market.

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