Thermal oil boilers for high temperature applications

Heaters with biphenyl. Thermal oil boilers for high temperature applications

High temperature heaters with biphenyl are used in various industrial processes such as oil recycling or solar thermal energy, where working temperatures close to 400ºC are required, working at pressures below 15 bar.

The heat transfer fluid in processes that require high temperatures in the liquid state is usually a eutectic mixture of biphenyl and diphenyl oxide, commonly called biphenyl or HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid).

This fluid can be found on the market under the brand names Dowtherm-A and Therminol VP-1.

Sugimat is a world leader in the supply of heaters with biphenyl as a transmission fluid with more than 1,500 MW of thermal power installed, having supplied almost 90 units in 37 plants located in six countries: Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Israel.

Many of the units manufactured by Sugimat are large, ranging from 15 MW to 36 MW in power.

The high-temperature boilers with biphenyl usually work with natural gas or diesel oil. However, there is also the option of working with biomass, as shown by the project, unique in the world, with two 22 MW heaters fed with biomass and hybridized with a solar thermal field.

Sugimat has its own system of building high-temperature coil boilers that guarantees the absence of leaks in very long periods of time. So much so, that Sugimat has not experienced a single leakage in any of the almost 90 boilers supplied in solar thermal plants.

This special execution in our boilers, as well as the exhaustive quality control allows us to offer a 10 year guarantee on the pressure bodies built in high temperature thermal oil installations.

Besides, Sugimat can supply complete installations including economizers and dissociated burner to preheat the combustion air to 200ºC, obtaining efficiencies over 90% and low NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) emissions.

The high flammability of biphenyl at high temperatures of this fluid usually requires a risk analysis accompanied by a study of ATEX or IECEx zones.

So, Sugimat is able to supply this kind of plants in turnkey mode including:

  • High temperature thermal oil boiler.
  • Oil economizers.
  • Gas economizers for combustion air preheating.
  • Dissociated burner.
  • ATEX or IECEx study.
  • High Temperature Pipeline Stress Study.
  • Integral control system.



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