Step grate combustion chamber

Automatic cleaning
Production intensity: high

Fuel types

Olive cake

Step grate

The step grate combustion chamber for boilers is a system that allows the combustion of a wide variety of solid waste, from biomass to RDF. In addition, it is able to support fuels with a high degree of humidity, high ash content and large size.

The furnace with step grate allows the combustion to be modulated and adapted to fuels with changing characteristics.

In addition, the robustness of a step grate combustion chamber, as well as its automatic cleaning system, allows the plant to work more than 8,200 hours per year and make only one technical stop.

Operation of a step grate

Operation of a step or reciprocating grate

The step grate consists of a series of overlapping rows of cast iron grates which, driven by hydraulic cylinders, cause a reciprocating movement that moves the fuel along the grate until it is completely consumed.

The independent operation of the grates by means of hydraulic cylinders allows the process to be divided into three independent areas: drying, combustion and ash formation.

In this way, the supply of combustion air can be regulated independently in each of the areas. Once the combustion is finished, the ash is evacuated at the end of the grate.

What can step grate combustion chambers include?

  • Fuel feeder
  • Continuous cleaning system
  • Control of biomass combustion by computer vision

In addition, combustion chambers with a step grate can be combined with different types of boilers:

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