Thermal oil boilers

Sugimat thermal oil systems are designed to work with three types of fuel: fossil, biomass and non-conventional fuels.

What is a thermal oil boiler?

Thermal oil boilers are machines that consist of an exchange body through which the thermal fluid circulates, which receives the energy in the form of heat. This comes from the combustion of different energy sources, such as biomass, natural gas, light oil or fuel derived from waste.

They are also known as thermal fluid heaters. These boilers have the advantage of working at high temperatures in liquid phase, maintaining low working pressures. 

How does a thermal oil boiler work?

Industrial thermal oil boiler are composed of one or more coils through which the fluid circulates and between which the combustion gases are passed.

As a result of this contact, the heat is transferred to the thermal oil, which will reach the consumer by means of a circulation pump.

Once the heat has been transferred to the consumer, always by means of the circulation pump, the fluid will be returned to the heater.


Thermal oil heaters are used in many different sectors of industry and energy. They are applied to processes where a medium and high temperature range is required, up to 400ºC, avoiding the high pressures that the use of steam would imply.

Thermal oil heaters are used with a large variety of fuels:


The thermal fluid can work up to 400ºC in liquid phase with pressures lower than 15 bar:

  • There is no corrosion of the steel.
  • As it works at low pressure, there is no need for a boiler room or expensive civil engineering inversion.
  • No need for a qualified operator.
  • High thermal inertia due to the physical-chemical characteristics of the thermal oil.

Sugimat's thermal oil heaters

Sugimat has been manufacturing thermal oil heaters since 1978. These 40 years of experience have led Sugimat to be the leader of the sector in Spain in MW installed, having worked for the most prestigious industrial and engineering companies in the country.

Sugimat’s production process is vertically integrated by controlling the production from our factory in Valencia, where besides manufacturing the equipment, the relevant quality controls are carried out.

So much is the confidence we have on our quality control that we give a total guarantee of ten years on the pressure bodies we manufacture for fossil fuels and clean biomasses.

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