Biomass is, within the energy context, organic matter originating from a biological process that can be used as an energy source. The energy obtained from biomass is a renewable source, and neutral in carbon emissions. In addition, it has the advantage over other renewables of being manageable. That is, it can be stored and its production controlled. In Sugimat we have extensive experience in the development of biomass combustion technologies, depending on characteristics such as moisture, ash content and chemical composition of the biomass.

Some examples are:



Industrial woodwaste (grade B wood and grade C wood)

Wooden bark: poplar, eucalyptus, pine, birch…

Cereal straw

Virgin wood

Sanding dust

Olive marc

Grape marc

Olive pit

Chicken manure

Almond shells


For these types of fuel, Sugimat has developed the following biomass combustion technologies:

Pusher or reciprocating grate

Dust injection

Fluid bed

Underfeed stocker

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