Heaters depuration system

We have different epuration systems to reduce the particles emissions:

Electrostatic filter

Electrostatic filters are devices that use ionization to trap particles suspended in the air and purify it after the combustion process. This allows reducing air pollution.

The operation of the electrofilter consists of the introduction of air into the equipment, where the particles are electrically charged when they come into contact with the electrons of the ionizing electric field. The charged particles are attracted by receiving electrodes, stored and subsequently eliminated after cleaning.

It is highly efficient equipment used in installations with all types of fuels.

Bag Filter

These equipment allow the removal of solid particles from a gaseous stream after the combustion of biomass with low humidity. The separation of the particles is made by passing the air through a tissue, where the particles are retained, leaving the air free of solid waste.


Multi-cyclonic gas scrubbers or depurators with sheet metal cyclones and heat recovery. Their mission is to clean the fumes and preheat the air used in the combustion chamber, in order to avoid particle emissions and increase the performance of the boiler.

The operation is based on the introduction of gases in the multicyclone. Within the equipment there is a process of rotation and centrifugation, together with a change in the direction of the air, which rises through a duct which has already been epurated. This process allows particles in the air to be stored in the collection box located at the bottom and emissions to be reduced.

These equipment also serve to recover the heat of the fumes, for the preheating of the air that will be introduced in the combustion chamber, which allows an increase in the efficiency of the boiler.


Multi-cyclonic gases depurators with casting micro-cyclones with high efficiency in the separation of particles. Their function is to clean the smoke and thus reduce the emission of particles.

This equipment has a functioning system similar to that of the multicyclones. However, the microcyclone allows a more distributed gas entry between more cyclonic units and therefore a more effective purification.


Cyclonic gas depurators  that allow the separation of particles and therefore the cleaning of the gases, reducing the emission levels.

The cyclone, by rotating and gravity, separates the small particles suspended in the air. These particles are deposited in the bottom and the air is recirculated to the upper part of the equipment, after a 180º change in the flow. Thus, the expelled air has been purified and the emission of particles to the outside is reduced.

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