Technical specifications


Auvergne (Francia)


In operation


biomass (forest wood)

Net power

15 MW

Hot gas chamber with biomass

Sugimat, specialist in the valorisation of solid by-products, has been selected for the design, construction and installation of a 15MW hot gas generation chamber from biomass combustion. In this case, forest wood.

Biosyl, a French pellet production company that already has a plant in Cosne-sur-Loire, inaugurated its new facility in Auvergne (France), where Sugimat’s biomass combustion chamber will be located. This new plant is capable of producing 100,000 tonnes of pellets per year, which will supply not only the French market but also other European markets.

The technology used consists of a mobile grate combustion chamber where hot gases are generated from the combustion of forest by-product, mainly bark, in order to dehydrate wood destined for pellet production.

It is common for pellet plants to use the by-products of their process, such as bark or wet chips, to produce the combustion gases needed to dehydrate the wood for pellet production, which is dehydrated in a rotary or trommel dryer.

With this plant, Sugimat reinforces its presence in the French market where it already has installations for first line customers such as Lacroix, Drouin, Thebault and Joubert, among others.

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What are pellets?

Wood pellets are waste from forest clearings and timber industries. During the manufacturing process, they are crushed and converted into sawdust and shavings. Once dried to reduce the moisture level, they are pressed and used as biofuels to generate bioenergy.


  • Lower CO2 emissions: the CO2 balance of the pellet is neutral, as trees absorb CO2 during their growth. Therefore, after combustion, what is emitted is non-toxic ashes of vegetable origin that can be used as fertiliser or mineral supplement for animals. These ashes are rich in calcium and potassium.
  • As a reused material, it is cheaper than diesel.
  • It has a high calorific value and is able to heat very large areas quickly.
  • High durability. Without the need to keep it in a dry place, the pellet can last for a long time.

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