Thermal oil biomass heater for plywood plant

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11 MW

Thermal oil biomass heater for plywood plant

Plywood production plants have a significant amount of biomass in the form of wood waste from their production process. These industries require a considerable amount of heat for drying and pressing processes

In this project, the company Garnica Plywood hired Sugimat on a turnkey basis to build a thermal plant that supplies heat to its process by burning wood waste, such as bark, chips or sawdust. In this way, they can be supplied with energy from the biomass produced by the industrial process itself.

The supply consisted of an 11 MW thermal plant equipped with two thermal oil boilers for biomass with a step grate, which serves the drying and press lines for plywood production.

Combustion takes place in the step grate combustion chamber, built in refractory brick, equipped with automatic cleaning and prepared to work more than 8,000 hours a year.

The scope of supply involved of two twin plants consisting of:

– Thermal oil boiler for biomass

– Step grate combustion chamber for biomass

– Combustion air preheater through heat exchange with combustion gases.

– Multi-cyclone flue gas cleaning system and electrostatic filter to comply with the French emission standard 

– Integral control system for combustion and boilers

– Permanent chamber to reduce carbon monoxide emissions.

Artificial vision combustion control system

The supply of this boiler joins the other four plants supplied by Sugimat in the past.


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