ORC CHP in pellet plant

Technical specifications


Albacete (España)


In operation


Virgin Wood/Grade B Wood


3.500 kW

ORC CHP in Pellet Plant

Cogeneration with an ORC turbine is the perfect application for pellet plants with indirect drying (band dryer), in addition to providing electricity, it supplies heat for drying the wood with a very high efficiency.

Energías Renovables de Tarazona (ERTA), has chosen Sugimat for the supply of a biomass thermal oil boiler to service an ORC turbine and at the same time provide heat in the form of hot water for the heating of the buildings and the drying of the wood for pellet production.

In addition, Sugimat supplied the rest of the elements of the installation:

  • Travelling grate combustion chamber
  • Feeding system with moving floor silo and belt
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Gas treatment system
  • Heat exchangers oil – water
  • Integral control system with SCADA
  • Assembly of the whole installation

Thanks to Sugimat’s biomass boiler with ORC turbine, the customer is able to produce 50,000 tons of pellets per year, which will be used to produce thermal energy in a sustainable and efficient way with local raw materials.

In addition, the plant is able to discharge 5,600 MWH per year of CO2-neutral energy into the grate.


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