industria láctea calderas vapor biomasa

Steam boilers for the dairy industry

The dairy industry is very intensive when it comes to process heat consumption

Pasteurisation, evaporation, skimming… From the moment the fresh milk arrives at the factories until it is packaged into final products, there are numerous stages that require thermal energy for processing, usually in the form of industrial steam. Normally in the form of industrial steam.

Nowadays, most of these factories have natural gas-fired industrial steam boilers and even gas-fired cogeneration plants to meet this demand.

However, for some time now, many companies have decided to switch to biomass steam boilers in order to obtain a stable cost that does not depend on variables such as the price of natural gas or CO2 vouchers. More and more companies in the dairy industry are relying on industrial biomass boilers for their processes as they guarantee stable operating regimes of more than 8,300 hours per year with low operating costs.

Apart from the fact that the price of biomass allows for much more stable and predictable production costs than natural gas, the reduced carbon footprint associated with the use of biomass boilers gives companies access to customers and markets that only work with these types of companies.

It also significantly improves the company’s external image by including these objectives in its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.


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