Steam heaters

Advantages of steam heaters

We design and manufacture water steam boilers adapted to the needs of our customers. They use saturated steam as heat transfer medium.


Steam heaters advantages

They are installations with pyrotubular or aquo-pyrotubular boilers designed to work with biomass or with unconventional fuels. The maximum working pressure of these boilers is 100 bar and their location can be horizontal or vertical. Our steam boilers are designed to work with any type of solid waste, with maximum service temperatures of 215º C and powers of up to 12 steam / hour.

For this we have a cooperation agreement with ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH (ERK), the German giant in the field of boiler engineering and technology (corner tube boiler). From now on, this German technology is at the service of the R+D department of Sugimat and its engineering team.

  • High performance
  • High transfer capacity
  • Absence of forced circulation pump

Technical Data

  • Fuels: Biomass or unconventional fuels
  • Power: Up to 12 tons steam / hour
  • Design: Pyrotubular / aquo-pyrubular
  • Max. work: 100 bar
  • Max temperatures service: 215ºC
  • Construction methods: AD-2000 / ASME

Basic characteristics

  • Pyrotubular or aquo-pyrubular boilers
  • Design supported by German ERK technologists
  • Automatic cleaning

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