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Biomass boilers for distilleries

Distilleries require a large input of industrial heat for their various processes. Operations such as fermentation or distillation, as well as the drying of some products, require an intensive input of process heat through steam or hot water boilers and sometimes also thermal oil or hot gas generators.

Today, most companies in the distillery sector, such as wineries, breweries or alcohol producers, use fossil fuels in their boilers to obtain this energy in their plants. However, in recent years, the instability of the price of natural gas and the increase in emission trading have led this industry to seek industrial solutions for a more CO2-free production.

Industrial biomass boilers for distilleries have been confirmed as a reliable technical solution compared to current fossil fuel solutions, whether they are biomass steam boilers, biomass water boilers or biomass water boilers. These units have the capacity to provide stable and continuous operation for more than 8,200 hours per year at different pressures and temperatures.

In addition, many of these plants have by-products from the process itself that are considered of biomass origin and can be directly valorised for boiler fuel.

Within the amortisation period of the equipment, savings in CO2 emission payments have to be considered, as well as the increasingly volatile price of fuels such as natural gas. This allows for a return on investment (ROI) in a short period of time.

Finally, these units help companies to submit CO2-free production plans, which facilitates their access to some customers and sectors.

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