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Sugimat supplies a 15 MW biomass hot gas generator to a French pellet production plant.

Sugimat, specialist in the valorisation of solid by-products, has designed, built and installed a 15MW hot gas generation chamber for a plant located in France. The installation will use biomass as fuel, specifically forest type wood.

Sugimat’s biomass combustion chamber is located in the facility that Biosyl, a French pellet production company, recently inaugurated in Auvergne (France). This new plant is capable of producing 100,000 tons of pellets per year, which supply not only the French market but also other European markets.

The technology used consists of a mobile grate combustion chamber where hot gases are generated from the combustion of forest by-products, mainly bark, in order to dehydrate wood intended for pellet production, the moisture content of which is more than 50 %. “For us, this is yet another example of circular economy. At Sugimat we are committed to this more sustainable production and consumption model, which undoubtedly helps to generate less waste by reusing and recycling existing waste”, emphasises Álex Más, Sugimat’s business development director.

It is common for pellet plants to use the by-products of their process, such as bark or wet wood chips, to produce the combustion gases necessary to dehydrate the wood destined for pellet production, which is dehydrated in a rotary dryer or trommel.

With this plant, Sugimat reinforces its presence in the French market where it already has installations for first line customers such as Lacroix, Drouin, Thebault and Joubert, among others.


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