Sugimat employees enjoy a team-building day during the fallas in Valencia

The true customer orientation starts with the employees themselves. “If they are happy with their daily work, this is perceived and it reaches the client. Do not forget that a motivated worker is a productive worker” Lorena García, International Marketing Manager at Sugimat and responsible for team building on Monday has explained. More than thirty workers from Sugimat offices have spent an authentic day off enjoying a balcony in the city hall square to see the traditional Mascletà during Fallas, the Valencia biggest festival. A party, which Unesco recognized in 2016 as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

After the pyrothechnic spectacle, employees including former employees as Luis de Vicente, Ex Sales Manager, retired last July, and his wife, have moved to a well-known restaurant with homemade food in the neighborhood of El Carmen. There they have continued enjoying a day, where the most important thing was to build team work.

More than 40 years of history

Many of the Sugimat employees have worked here almost all their lives. This is the case of Pino Tortajada, Logistics Manager, who will turn 19 years this coming November. “I was hired because I was able to speak good English, to deal with international clients, translate offers, etc. Over time, I have become Logistics Director. For me, each new client and project is a new motivation” Tortajada has said. A passion that is transmitted from the same moment that serves the customer by phone.

Sugimat is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of industrial boilers (turnkey projects). With more than 40 years of know-how and more than 3,000 references sold on the 5 continents, this Valencian company based in Quart de Poblet, is committed to innovation, quality and internationalization. It does so by relying on its employees. “Our workers, without a doubt, are our true human capital,” Alex Mas, Business Development Director, has added.

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