Technical Specifications


Múgica – Vizcaya (SPAIN)





Type of fuel

Pine bark and pallet recycling

Net power per unit

7 MW

Total net power

14 MW

Travelling grate boiler of biomass for sawmill and pellet factory

Sugimat designed, manufactured and started up (turnkey project) a thermal plant formed by two travelling grates of biomass for the company Ebaki. The objective was to supply heat to the production process of this sawmill and pellet factory, by using wood waste like bark, chips or sawdust by combustion.

In this way, they have been able to supply themselves with energy from the biomass produced by their own industrial process.

Both sawmills and pellet production plants have a significant amount of biomass in the form of wood waste from their production process. These industries also require a considerable amount of heat for wood drying processes.

The supply consisted of two twin 7 MW plants equipped with thermal oil boilers for biomass with a step grate, which serve the sawmill’s production lines and economizers that, by using the combustion gases, transfer the waste heat to the water to serve the pellet line’s belt dryers.

The combustion takes place in the travelling grate combustion chamber built in refractory brick with automatic cleaning and prepared to work more than 8,000 hours a year.

The thermal efficiency of this plant is more than 90% thanks to the supply of the water economizers.

The scope of supply was composed of two twin plants which consist of

  • Thermal oil boiler for biomass.
  • Travelling grate combustion chamber for biomass.
  • Water economizer for use of combustion gases.
  • Multi-cyclone fume purification system and electrostatic filter.
  • Integral control system for combustion and boilers.

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