Sugimat’s resounding success in two of the most important fairs in the wood sector in the USA

Wood Bioenergy and PELICE 2018 are the two biennial events held in Atlanta where Sugimat has presented the advantages of thermal fluid vs steam.

SUGIMAT has evaluated the recent participation at Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo and Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo (PELICE), two of the most important biennial conferences in the wood bioenergy industry in the USA, as a remarkable success. In both conferences, held from 11th to 12th and from 13th to 14th April respectively in Atlanta, SUGIMAT has been present with an information booth and two conferences on Computer Vision and on the advantages of thermal oil versus steam in industrial boilers. The number of visitors coming to the booth, as well as those attending the conferences, has exceeded all expectations, since both Wood Bioenergy and PELICE have attracted a large number of public.  

During the presentations, both entitled “Energy Efficiency Opportunities: Thermal Oil Versus Steam“, SUGIMAT has presented thermal fluid as the most appropriate technological alternative for the type of industry requiring indirect heating, since it does not require a high level of maintenance as it happens with steam boilers. Being equipment working at low pressure and without water, many of the problems of the use of steam (as leaks, oxidations, corrosion by water lime, etc. and consequently, the high level of maintenance) are avoided. In addition, as thermal oil boilers can be installed outdoors, they require less investment and help save costs. “Although the steam is still a traditional, totally valid option, the advantages of thermal oil are remarkable in economic and maintenance terms” Francisco Ripoll, Export Manager at Sugimat and speaker of both conferences, has said. In this sense, the absence of water, and therefore, of corrosion, avoids the processes related to water treatment such as demineralization or decalcification, among others.


Prestigious international speakers

The participants were another highlight of the Conferences. Executives from North America’s leading producers of industrial wood pellets have been present at the fifth edition of Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo and at the sixth edition of PELICE . In the words of Ripoll, “There are not many events bringing together in one place so many world leaders in the industrial production of wood pellets. We are very grateful for and proud to have participated in two conferences of such a high level”. Representatives of Enviva, FutureMetrics, Swiss or Biele among other relevant companies, have been present as experts and have acknowledged numerous challenges brought on by the evolving export markets in the USA and by the increased demand of industrial wood pellets production.

Both Conferences, organized by Wood Bioenergy and Panel World magazines, are preceded by successful editions. In the case of the first, in 2016 it attracted 320 professionals from the industrial wood sector. 130 more attendees attracted PELICE, setting a record attendance.

The attendance to fairs and conferences of the sector is one of the pillars of SUGIMAT in its objective of communicating the brand worldwide. This will be reinforced with our participation in “Timber processing and Energy Expo” which will be held from 17th to 19th October in Portland, Oregon.


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