Sugimat supplies in record time a boiler to a food company after a devastating fire in its factory

The project, which will be carried out in two phases, was signed on 12th April and consists of the supply of two thermal oil boilers with a total of 5,7 MW.

The first phase is already finished with the commissioning of the first boiler last Friday, 24 hours before the date scheduled.

Sugimat´s commitment to give first-class service has demonstrated once again that Sugimat meets the deadlines. An important company in the food industry with international sales has entrusted Sugimat with the provision of two boilers of 2,3 and 3,4 MW respectively.

The company, located in eastern Spain, contacted Sugimat in early April after suffering an explosion caused by a thermal oil boiler, which ended with a devastating fire that swept through its factory affecting three more boilers. Despite the large column of smoke, which required the intervention of up to 5 fire trucks, no personal injuries were suffered, fortunately. However, property damage amounts to several million euros.

This project is being developed in two phases. The first phase has already been completed with the supply and commissioning of a 2,3 MW boiler last Friday, precisely one day before the date scheduled. Behind the scenes, Sugimat engineers, mechanics, draughtsmen, assemblers, and start-up technicians had to work against the clock for two weeks to make sure that everything was under control and above all, that the client would be 100% operational and would meet the deadlines for deliveries with his suppliers.

The second phase will take place in July with the delivery of the second boiler of 3,4 MW. “We are very proud that this leading company trusted us and gave us the opportunity to supply high-quality boilers in record time”, Alejandro Mas, CEO at Sugimat, has said.


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