Sugimat is committed to labour flexibility

In Sugimat the familiar conciliation is one of our fundamental pillars, for that reason we bet for the labour flexibility.

Among the measures implemented, the intensive working day in offices stands out, as well as the timetable flexibility, giving the option to the worker to choose the time of entry and exit depending on his family and/or personal needs.

In addition, Sugimat offers the possibility of teleworking in case of a personal need, so that if the worker needs to be absent for family reasons, he/she can work from home with total confidence from the company.

With these proactive measures, we at Sugimat are not only committed to the development and well-being of our employees, but we also foster a working environment based on mutual trust and responsibility.

We firmly believe that work flexibility is essential to enhance the productivity and creativity of our team, while allowing each member to optimally attend to and balance their professional and personal commitments.

Betting on conciliation and flexibility is, in short, investing in a committed, satisfied and, above all, human team.

At Sugimat, we are building a more adaptive and conscious working future for everyone.

Join us on this transformative path!

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