Logistics sector: Thank you!

Still immersed in the covid-19 crisis, the logistics sector is growing stronger and improving exponentially despite the toll of suffering experienced by delivery drivers, drivers and operators of all kinds.

Faced with a not-so-new era of internet shopping, those of us who manage transport for large teams, whether by land, sea or air, must be ever more grateful to those who make it possible. Every driver, delivery driver or supply chain operator puts the best of themselves into the performance of their job.

Fortunately, at Sugimat, we have a long history of examples of difficult transports successfully carried out to varied and remote destinations: from putting beams with army trucks to get our boilers across a river to a solar plant in Extremadura, to bringing 90-tonne boilers to the very doorstep of the Moroccan desert.

This makes us great and makes us feel proud, but we have put as much effort into doing these eye-catching and eye-catching jobs well as we have put into taking a pallet of urgent spare parts to the sawmill of our long-time customer, because without them his family factory would stop, as well as taking supplies directly in a van at any time of the day so as not to cut the continuity of a cut where our welders, fitters or technicians were working and so they could finish and return home.

In short, these are details that are now overshadowed by the big problems: Covid-19, Brexit, etc. But the logistics sector, used to being the less spoilt sibling, is already rebounding and developing in line with today’s needs. The important thing is that at Sugimat we have not stopped evolving and learning.

Thanks to all the logistics heroes!


Pino Tortajada

Logistics manager at Sugimat.

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