Advantages of gas generation

Our hot gas generators allow different applications to be covered, depending on the industrial sector and the needs of each process.


Gas generation advantages

The hot gas generator consists of a combustion chamber together with a dilution chamber which mixes the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber with air at room temperature. The flow rates are regulated to obtain the gases at the outlet of the dilution chamber at the temperature required by the consumer.

These equipment are installed in various industries with the need to carry out drying processes in the wood, agricultural, chemical, sewage, asphalt industries, etc. Among the frequent applications are the pellet plants, in which rotary dryers are installed.

  • Genaration of process heat without the need for exchangers.
  • Less self-consumption as circulation pumps are not necessary.

Technical data

  • Fuels: biomass or non-conventional fuels.
  • Power: up to 50MW.
  • Working temperature: adaptable to the client’s needs.

Basic characteristics

  • Refractory chambers with high alumina content.
  • Different combustion technologies.
  • Feeding systems adapted to each fuel.
  • Automatic cleaning.

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