Sugimat launches its new website with a new corporate image

This rebranding has been done by the new Marketing Department and is based on a value proposition to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

Sugimat, the leading company in the generation of thermal energy in Spain, has launched its new website. Prestige, professionalism and global relevance are the three objectives pursued by this Valencian company with the creation of this new homepage which has been done from the Marketing Department, created last October 2018. “We want to impact in the industrial sector with this launch. I hope it means a milestone in the way of offering a vision of the industrial boilers”, Alex Mas, Business Development Director at Sugimat, has explained.

With this new website, Sugimat has wanted to break with the previous image to adapt to modern times. To do this, it has introduced a simple and intuitive navigation bar, which is divided into different areas: company, products, references, sectors, post-sales service, highlights, and contact and it will be available in four languages: Spanish, English, German, and French. In addition, the company will give a lot of relevance to the success studies as well as customers rating. Most of them are with Sugimat from the beginning, 40 years ago. “We do not say how we work but the clients themselves, who have trusted us since we opened the doors in April 1978, those who say clearly because they choose us year after year. I sincerely believe that it is the best loudspeaker we have” Mas, has added. In accordance with Mas, Lorena García, Marketing Manager at Sugimat, adds: “We have to listen to what the market tells us and build on it. In this website, there will be great emphasis on the highlights section commenting not only our attendance at trade fairs, such as Lesdrevmash fair, in which we are going to participate this week in Moscow (Russia) specialized in the woodworking sector but also all the projects we have already distributed around the world. In addition, this disclosure will be reflected both on the web and on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, where we are being very active lately”. The Marketing Department has an Assistant, who together with the Manager develops closely the marketing and communication strategy of the company.

Rebranding: a new corporate image

The new website is not the only Sugimat change. “To be exact, what we have done a rebranding of the logo. After 40 years with the world ball icon, it is time to move ahead and shows a modern image. An identity redesign has been made with an icon that represents a coil image, Sugimat’s DNA. This one is round like the shape of the boilers we designed. Regarding the colors, we generating heat and red / garnet colors had to be very present “, García says.

This restyling is based on a value proposition to provide the highest quality service to our customers. “What is intended to do with the new page is that it becomes a key informative element of the company, as well as an opportunity to build lasting relationships with our users/customers,” Mas assures. By just typing, the user will have access to all company information as well as product catalogs to find the perfect solution to their needs.

Sugimat´s Background

Sugimat is a family business that since 1978 has been working on the design and commercialization of steam, hot water, salts, and thermal oil heaters through the use of fossil, biomass, and unconventional fuels. Currently, it has sold more than 3,000 references distributed in 28 different countries in the five continents and it is specialized in sectors as diverse as wood, chemical or thermosolar industry, among others. Headquarters is located in Valencia (Spain), but there are seven international offices distributed in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy, Poland, and the USA.

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