SUGIMAT delivers the equipment for a Petrochemical plant

In 2015 Sugimat was awarded the delivery of a radiation coil and convection batteries which will become a part of a process furnace in a petrochemical plant.

Process furnaces consist of a metallic enclosure, internally insulted by refractory material. Inside there is a radiation coil where fluid flows, gets heated with the flue gases coming from the combustion. Following the flue gases walk, after the coil there are convection batteries aimed at recovering part of the heat of the exhaust gases.

Given the requirements of the petrochemical plant, Sugimat has manufactured the coil and two convection batteries according to ASME design code, Stamp S.

In order to manufacture the coil, whose dimensions are diameter 5.25 m and length 11.1 m, it was required to design and manufacture an internal supporting structure which, in addition, will allow the right assembly of the coil within the process furnace.

Thanks to its infrastructure and qualified staff, Sugimat is able to carry out such major projects where factors as design complexity or size of equipment are solved for the project to be successful.

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