Sugimat is part of the Agua Prieta II megaproject, the first solar combined-cycle (ISCC) power plant in Mexico

It is a pilot project with an integrated solar combined-cycle (ISCC) power plant that provides 394 Megawatts to Mexico’s National Electric System.

Sugimat makes progresses in its international expansion by developing an HTF boiler for Agua Prieta solar thermal plant in the state of Sonora, Mexico. It is one of the most important power plants in Latin America. Our installation, is part of the Combined Cycle Plant Agua Prieta II, a combined cycle with increased performance and operating in conjunction with a solar field. The Plant is a pioneering project in the Central American country promoted by Mexico’s state-owned Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

The installation, which uses DowTherm A heat transfer fluids and is capable of working up to 390º, is integrated into the solar field production block and has been designed, manufactured and commissioned on a turnkey basis by Sugimat. It is a6 MW HTF boiler that increases the performance of the combined cycle by 10 points and uses a natural gas burner with low NOx emissions. The concentrated solar power (CSP) plant has a solar field of parabolic trough collectors of 14 Mw and a natural gas combined cycle capable of producing up to 464,4 Mw. Both are interconnected and form the first hybrid concentration solar power plant in Mexico, which provides an installed generation capacity of 394 Megawatts to the country’s National Electric System.

Thanks to the use of natural gas as fuel, this hi-tech Integrated Solar Combined Cycle – ISCC plant will avoid the consumption of 1.4 million barrels of diesel year. Thus, more than 208 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year will cease to be released into the atmosphere, reducing the environmental impact. 

The location of the plant in the state of Sonora has been a strategic decision. It is integrated in the « sun belt » and covers the area with the best solar radiation in the country, which makes it ideal for the operation of thermo-solar power plants.

The project, made by Abengoa, is financed by the World Bank, which through the United Nations Development Program, Global Environmental Facility, has allocated 200 million dollars to promote  thermo-solar technology in four countries, one of which is Mexico.



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