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Sugimat supplies two thermal oil boilers for the first biomass solar thermal hybrid plant

Sugimat has recently supplied two 25 MW thermal oil boilers for electricity production from biomass, which will be hybridized with a cylindrical-parabolic mirror field that will also produce electricity thanks to solar concentration technology. This project, unique in the world, has the peculiarity of working with a special high-temperature thermal fluid (HTF), biphenyl, with biomass boilers and with a solar field.

With an overall plant efficiency of over 90%, this project is a milestone in the history of Sugimat, which was already a world leader in fossil fuel biphenyl boilers. Developing biomass boilers with working temperatures of 395ºC is a technological challenge that the company has faced in record time.

Solar thermal energy is a renewable energy based on heating a thermal fluid by concentrating solar radiation using mirrors. This thermal fluid produces steam through exchange with water and generates electricity through a turbine.

Hybridization of solar thermal energy with biomass allows a 150% increase in plant operating time. In this way, an unmanageable energy asset such as a solar concentration plant is transformed into a manageable one since the plant can continue to produce electricity at night or on days without sun.

In addition, Sugimat has developed the rest of the elements of the plant in turnkey mode, such as the mobile grid combustion system, economizers, integral control system and emission treatment.

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