Sugimat returns to work with the entire staff

Some of the office staff will continue to remote work and the factory workers will work on site following all the necessary preventive measures in front of the Covid-19

Sugimat resumes full activity at its headquarters in Valencia (Spain), including factory work, after the days of recoverable paid leave decreed by the Government.  Some of the office staff will, as far as possible, continue to telework in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The remaining employees who are returning to work, including factory personnel, will maintain strict safety measures to protect their health and the welfare of all company personnel.

The return to normality in Sugimat is starting to become a reality. Once the recoverable paid leave decreed by the Government is over, Sugimat reopens its headquarters in Spain and resumes its activity with all the staff. The office staff that cannot carry out their work telematically, as well as the factory staff, have incorporated into their jobs following the necessary prevention recommendations to watch over their health.

To maintain the safety of its employees, the company has prepared an action guide and procedures to follow based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, with the objective of guaranteeing the safety of all equipment against the virus. This document includes a wide range of different prevention measures, including keeping the recommended safety distance, providing employees with appropriate personal protection equipment or avoiding group meetings, except for those that are absolutely necessary and keeping the safety distances. Physical meetings with customers and suppliers will be organised by means of video conferences or telephone calls.

In this regard, the hygiene and disinfection of the facilities has also been intensified. In addition, among other measures, an intensive working day has been set for the morning to reduce as much as possible the use of common areas, where a maximum capacity of people has been established (dining room, changing rooms…).


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