Planta de biomasa de Sugimat en Termosolar Borges

Sugimat’s thermal installation for the first hybrid solar-thermal-biomass plant at full capacity

The plant, which consists of two biomass heaters, among other elements, works in hybrid mode with a field of parabolic mirrors, which makes it unique in the world.

The two 20.5 MWt heaters manufactured by Sugimat for Termosolar Borges, the world’s first solar thermal-biomass hybrid plant, are already operating at full capacity after successful performance tests. The plant, unique in the world due to its process conditions, is the first to combine biomass and thermosolar energy through a field of parabolic trough mirrors. Thanks to this hybridisation, the plant, located in Les Borges Blanques (Lleida), provides energy 24 hours a day. In addition to the heaters, Sugimat has also developed the rest of the plant’s elements in turnkey mode.


In a record time of 12 months and with an unprecedented health crisis during the final phase of the project, Sugimat has successfully completed the project for the design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of two biomass heaters for the Termosolar Borges plant. Having successfully passed the performance tests, both heaters, fed with woody biomass and with a power of 20.5 MWt, are now working in hybrid mode with a field of parabolic trough solar receivers up to 390ºC, which makes them unique in the world.

In addition to the boilers, Sugimat has also developed other elements of the plant in turnkey mode, such as heat recovery systems, the integral control system and emission treatment, among others.

This project, with a global plant performance of more than 90%, has been a real challenge for Sugimat, since as a world leader in biphenyl heaters with transmitting fluid, developing biomass boilers with working temperatures of 390ºC has been a technological challenge that the R&D department has tackled successfully and in record time.

Hybridisation of thermal solar energy with biomass increases the plant’s operating time to 150%. In this way, an unmanageable energy asset such as a solar concentration plant is transformed into a manageable one, given that the plant can continue to produce electricity at night or on days without sun. Manageable plants with renewable energy are those required to carry out the decarbonisation process, complementing the strong input of photovoltaic and wind power, thus guaranteeing the stability of the system and the balance between generation and consumption.


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