SUGIMAT shall participate in FIMMA MADERALIA 2016 with their fluidised bed system

  • The fluidised bed system by SUGIMAT generates thermal energy from difficult to burn residues.


SUGIMAT shall participate in FIMMA MADERALIA 2016 to present their fluidised bed system facilitating the wood and furniture industry to optimise difficult-to-burn residues to generate thermal energy.

This technology is being used in many installations both nationally and internationally, burning residues such as high-humidity percentage bark and other unconventional fuels with a high percentage of ash, as well as using heat transfer fluids such as thermal oil and steam.

The main advantage of this technology is fuel versatility, as well as the valuation of the residues, allowing for by-products from the production process be used to generate thermal energy, representing a significant economic saving. In addition, top performance thermal equipment is being used. p>


¿ Can I use my residue to generate energy?

Thanks to this technology, SUGIMAT boilers can use unconventional fuel with a composition of up to 50% of ash and up to 70% humidity.

To guarantee the correct operability of the residue as fuel, SUGIMAT has a laboratory that specialises in testing the combustion with the residue of the client, as well as for designing and developing new technology.


Installations for dryers

SUGIMATE has been developing industrial boiler equipment for over 38 years providing energy to drying processes. Depending on the requirements of each plant, SUGIMAT boilers can run on biomass, fossil fuel or unconventional fuel sources.


Other equipment

Within the scope of solutions for generating and optimising, SUGIMAT has a diverse product range.

In addition to thermal oil and steam boilers, the company installs hot and superheated water boilers, as well as hot gas generators and auxiliary HTF boilers for thermosolar plants.

SUGIMAT also develops boilers for energy co-generation systems using Organic Ranking Cycle turbines and other exchanger equipment, steam producers, and purification filtering systems.

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