Serpentín fabricado por Sugimat para una caldera insdustrial

Sugimat is awarded the thermal oil system within Soro’s District Heating with biomass in Denmark

The project, led by Dall Energy, also consists of its innovative gasification furnace and an ORC-type turbine


Sugimat has been awarded the thermal oil system for the Heating District of Soro, Denmark. It will design, supply and install a 10.5 MW thermal oil boiler, several economizers and heat exchangers and the interconnecting pipe network.

The project, led by Dall Energy, a Danish company that provides innovative solutions for the use of biomass, will not only supply hot water to the municipality of Soro, but will also feed 950 KWh net into the electricity grid.

Alex Mas, Sugimat’s Business Development Director, expressed his satisfaction that Sugimat has been selected to be part of this project, given its geographical location, Denmark, a world leader in solutions for bioenergy.

Dall Energy, acting as a turnkey supplier, will install its innovative gasification system, which is capable of consuming green waste without the need for moving parts inside the combustion chamber. This system, therefore, reduces substantially maintenance costs.

In addition, it generates combustion gases with a low concentration of suspended particles permitting operation without bag filter and can work in power ranges from 10 to 100%.

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