Solar thermal plants heaters

Sugimat is the world leader in design and commercialize of auxiliary heaters for thermosolar plants (CSP). These auxiliary boilers allow keeping the plant in operation if case of insufficient solar radiation. They also enable to keep the fluid at optimal temperature for the proper maintenance of the plant in case there are unfavorable environmental conditions or prolonged shutdown.

Basic characteristics

  • Vertical location to ensure total draining
  • Possibility of installing a gas/air economizer for combustion air preheating to improve efficiency
  • Possibility of installing a gas/oil economizer which allows variable flow
  • Completely  cooled heater top cap
  • Oil outlet temperature: from 380ºC to 400ºC
  • Low film temperatures in oil
  • Output: 90% – 92%
  • Preinstallation of antifire systems through CO2

Featured Projects

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