Pusher grate

This type of grates allows to work with large fuels, with a high ash content and high humidity. They are equipment with a high power range and designed for intensive productive activities. For this reason, these installations perform the extraction of the ash resulting from the combustion automatically.

Energy valuation
Automatic cleaning
Productive intensity: high

Fuel types

Grape rasp
Bark of pine, poplar, etc.
Cotton waste
Rice husk
Crushed poplar, eucalyptus, etc.


  • Automatic cleaning
  • Clear differentiation in three combustion areas providing fuel versatility
  • High level of automation
  • Reduction of emissions in terms of NOx and CO
  • Automatic fuel loading
  • High performance
  • Possibility of increasing the performance through water cooled grates
  • Low maintenance


  • Sloped or flat pusher grate
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Casting grate with high chromium content
  • System of tongue and groove grates with clamping, to avoid lifting
  • Differentiated zones for the different combustion phases
  • Chamber built in its inner part with refractory material with high content of alumina and high quality insulating material
  • Different feeding systems depending on the fuel
  • Automatic cleaning system, dry or wet way
  • System of movement by means of steel balls with low friction that do not require maintenance
  • Built-in security and control elements

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