Molten salts heaters

Advantages of molten salt heaters

We offer molten salt boilers that allow working at temperatures close to 550ºC with special application for chemical and solar power industries. They work with fossil fuel and biomass.

Fossil fuel

Molten salts heaters advantages

  • High temperatures in liquid state
  • Low pressures
  • Great stability at high temperatures
  • Thermal storage capacity

Technical data

  • Fuels: Fossil and biomass
  • Power: Up to 30 MW
  • Design: Water tube
  • Maximum service temperature: Up to 550ºC
  • Location: Horizontal / Vertical
  • Construction methods: AD-2000 / ASME

Basic characteristics

  • 3 Steps boilers
  • Coils connection in series without temperature mixtures: Allows an exact flow control inside the boiler

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