Olive cake combustion plant

Technical specificatiosn




In operation

Type of fuel


Net power

17 MW

Olive cake combustion plant

Olive cake is a biomass derived from the process of extracting oil from olives. This biomass is characterized by its high calorific value and the low melting point of its ashes. Specifically, for Oleícola El Tejar‘s olive cake combustion plant, Sugimat designed, built and installed a combustion chamber with a 27 m² step grate for a 17 MW steam boiler.

This olive cake combustion chamber was designed taking into account the special characteristics of the olive cake, such as: its variable humidity, the high chlorine and potassium content and the low melting temperature of its ashes.

The project also included the supply of other products, like:

  • Automatic dry-cleaning system.
  • Fuel feeding system.
  • Combustion air supply system.
  • Flue gas recirculation system for low NOx (Nitrogen Oxides).

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