Fluidized bed

The commitment to R & D & I has allowed us to offer an alternative to those industries with waste that could be used for energy recovery. With the system of fluidized bed, Sugimat allows the combustion of these waste with a maximum composition of 50% ash and with a humidity of up to 70%.


Energy recovery

Automatic cleaning

Productive intensity: high


Horse manure

High coal

Cow and pig slurry


Sewage sludge

Cereal straw

Chicken manure

Bark with high humidity

Organic waste fiber

Urban Solid Waste


  • Versatility of fuels
  • Energy valuation of waste: economic savings
  • High thermal performance
  • Reduction of gas flow and consequently of the epuration system
  • Reduction of CO and NOx emissions
  • Neutralization of SO2 emissions in the combustion chamber


  • Fluidized bed furnace
  • Fuel system adapted to the type of fuel
  • Automatic cleaning system

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