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Biomass boilers for the chemical industry

The chemical industry is a large consumer of industrial heat. Through its numerous industrial processes and depending on the working temperature and the type of application, chemical plants often require steam, thermal oil or hot water boilers.

Until now, chemical companies have used fuels such as natural gas or diesel for the boilers installed in their production plants. However, in recent times, factors such as the price of natural gas, decarbonisation targets and the price of emission trading have led the chemical sector to consider a gradual strategy of CO2-free production.

Industrial biomass boilers for the chemical industry are a viable alternative to fossil fuels. They can provide process steam or thermal oil at a stable temperature and pressure with minimal maintenance downtime and guaranteeing operating rates in excess of 8,000 hours per year.

They also represent a significant saving in fuel and emission trading that allow the investment to be amortised in just a few years, as well as allowing the companies that use them to obtain certifications as CO2-neutral companies.


Alex Mas
Business Development Director 

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